Hello! I’m Shawna: quilter, maker, and focus facilitator. I love to make and I love to share the joy of making. Currently, my primary mediums are fabric and fiber, and a dash of printmaking.

My skills include an abundance of common sense and a tetris-like way of viewing the world. I find great delight in a well functioning, organized environment. I am a very visual learner and worker, and love to sort and assemble and rearrange for maximum efficiency.

Friend and collaborator Nancy the Girl coined the term “Focus Facilitator” to describe my ability to support and guide people in organizing and streamlining their endeavors.

A whole hearted ambivert, I relish both the energy of working on a team and time alone to create. I’m a Sagittarius, Enneagram 4, and my Meyers Briggs result is different each time.